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"I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for my clients and I in the last issue of Aspect. Everyone was over the moon. Thanks so much."

Louise Brimble


"The layout looks great. You have a

great designer on your hands!"

Dan Trussell, Senior

Account Manager


"I love Aspect, so choc full of good info"

Kerry Ward


"Thank you for the latest Nottinghamshire Aspect publication, which has arrived, safely, by post.

It is, again, a most impressive edition and I do have the comments, from people I meet, who say to me that they are very impressed with the magazine, too.

The Nottinghamshire Aspect publication has interesting content throughout, along with excellent design and layout.

Very well done to all involved."

Trevor Langley

"I have just received your magazine.

Have i told you how much I like it?

its brilliant!"

Una Marie Palin

Newark Showground

"Truly, the publication is excellent and

a real credit to all involved with its production. The content of the magazine has a lot of interest and 'something

for everyone'. Also, thank you for including my reviews. The whole publication is produced to a

impressive standard."

Trevor Langley

"Got the magazine on Saturday – what a beautiful publication! And the dps is amazing!! Thank you so much. Have done a blog post and shared it to Facebook with a comment to pick up the magazine."

Pennie Limming

"Mackenzie, we have had lots of articles written about us over the past couple of years but this is, without a doubt the best one so far. Thank you so much, you’ve really nailed it with who we are and what we are trying to achieve. Bravo!!"

Joe Rafter, Harley Jae Trust

"I have looked at the magazine and

I am impressed by it"

Amar Alwrity

"This is great thanks"

Kerrie, Big Table PR

"I'm really happy with this,

I think it looks great"

Liz, Redbrick Communications

"Fab, thank you Phil"

Jocelyn, Big Table PR

"We have just received a copy of

Aspect and we thank you. You have

done an amazing job, we are all favourably impressed"

Country Cottage Hotel, Ruddington

"The editorial looks fantastic,

thank you so much"

Rachel - Clumber Park Hotel

"Awsome, thank you"

"I consider you and your excellent

team, very talented, indeed.

I will look forward to reading

this splendid publication."

Kitchen World

"I had a look at the magazine,

it looks great!"

Catherine - Tank PR

"Looks Brilliant, love the typeface"

Dan - Tank PR

"You must be so so proud. I have received the magazine and it is fab"

Rebecca - Care UK

"Thank you for sending the magazine

the article looks amazing!! "

Kristy Ellis Personal Training

"I would like to personally thank you for all the help and support you have given."

Debs - Park Foster care

"I just thought I would send you a congratulatory email on your 1st issue. We picked up a copy at Ramsdale Golf Club on Monday. My other half was in Publishing most of her working life for Thomsons business publishing mainly and she was particularly impressed with your new publication. Very best of luck with the venture. Looking forward

to the next issue."

Graham Fowell

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