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In our latest Issue

Everybody' s Talking About Jamie

The critically-acclaimed West End musical will be coming to Nottingham this spring showcasing a recognisable cast including Layton Williams as Jamie. Layton starred alongside Jack Whitehall in the British sitcom Bad Education and was also in the cast of the hugely popular Billy Elliot the Musical.

Cosying Up

Nottingham’s city centre is brimming with beautiful and historical buildings that have been lovingly restored and reinvented. The latest addition to this long list is a Grade II listed building on Victoria Street, formerly a casino and fine dining restaurant and now home to the Cosy Club, a café bar with homely charm and plenty of nostalgic quirkiness.

The City of Lights

Referred to as the City of Lights, Paris earned this title thanks to being one of the first cities in the world to have electricity. Sample the city’s café culture, visit the many historical and culturally significant sights and find new ways to discover this much-loved city.

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