Terms & Conditions

Our sales week is between a Tuesday and Monday: any advert that is booked between this time for that issue will run unless a cancellation is made verbally or by email, before 12.00pm on that Monday (we print every Monday night, to publish Tuesday.

Any adverts that are booked as block bookings (i.e. two or more), you have 14 days to cancel this booking from the the date the booking was made with the Sales Staff. Any time a block booking is made, the Customer can either have all the bookings on one invoice, or be invoiced separately (this to be discussed between the Customer and Sales Person).

Whenever an advert is booked (single or block), a confirmation of the order is sent via email with all the relevant information on it. We ask that you the Customer return the email to confirm the booking.

If you do not return the email this does not constitute a cancellation.

Cancellations must be made by email or verbally with a Staff Member.