Health & Wellbeing

Sleep Disturbers

We all need good, quality sleep to function well, but sadly for lots of us, regular good sleep is much more of a dream than our reality. What you might be surprised to learn is just how much external factors can impact the type of sleep you receive.

Bake A Smile

Nobody should ever have to celebrate their birthday without a delicious cake, and Liz and Grace Dougall from Bake a Smile Bingham are keen to ensure that those living in care homes in their local community never mark their age without their favourite sweet treat.

Community Pursuits

If you want to make more an effort and take an active role in serving your local community, helping the elderly is a great place to start. From organising groups, meetings and activities to facilitating services for older people that live around you, there are plenty of ways that you can lend a helping hand and unite the elderly people in your community.

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